HAF X NV-942 VGA Cowling Air Flow Mod

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HAF X NV-942 VGA Cowling Air Flow Mod

Postby ZelmoQuad on Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:52 pm

I noticed a 2-3 degree temp difference in my 2-way SLI cards and started thinking back about the assembly.

During the initial assembly of my new Chassis I noticed a potential air flow barrier with the VGA cowling. The bottom wall of the cowl covered the intake of my lowest SLI’d GTX 580. The gap appeared to be 1/16th” between to the two surfaces. Being fussy about temps, and believing VGA card intakes should have velocity stacks, I decided to cut away some of the cowling to insure there would be a uninterrupted air flow to the GTX580 fan.

I achieved a cooler and more matched temp between the two cards. This was a good mod for me. In game (BFBC2, everything maxed) both card temps remain, under load, at 51-52C with fans set at 70%. Temps drop to 35C in 30 seconds when I stop the round and stay in the game. When I am totally out of the game and idle at the desktop, my temps knock down to 30C.

This box cools like “Waddah”

This is an easy mod, can’t hurt, and it will make your mo-sheen lighter, theoretically. :cheers:
a Cowl cut-Far shot_resize (3).JPG
This is the cowling with no cuts made yet
a Cowl cut-Far shot_resize (3).JPG (91.6 KB) Viewed 879 times
b Cowl cut-Far shot_resize (2).JPG
Just a finished view further back to orient you
b Cowl cut-Far shot_resize (2).JPG (96.48 KB) Viewed 880 times
c Cowl cutting-e_resize.JPG
A horrible picture but shows the cut with reference scale
c Cowl cutting-e_resize.JPG (63.08 KB) Viewed 876 times
d Cowl cutting-e bright_resize.JPG
Here is that same photo distorted to show more detail because my photography stinks.
d Cowl cutting-e bright_resize.JPG (73.29 KB) Viewed 885 times
e Cowl-side view_resize.JPG
Finished mod.
e Cowl-side view_resize.JPG (83.55 KB) Viewed 880 times
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