Finally finished Storm Trooper build.

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Finally finished Storm Trooper build.

Postby footman on Fri Feb 17, 2012 12:12 pm

Finally got around to finishing my latest watercooled project in a new Storm Trooper, thus the need for a new avatar :-)

Having said this I am still waiting for my lats 7970 waterblock.

Must say I do like the Storm Trooper, nice case to work on and tons of room for rads, out of the box you can get 240 at the top, 240 at the bottom and 140 at the back. You can also remove the front drive cage and get a 240 standing up there.

I really needed no more than a 240 and perhaps extra 120/140 for my 7970 CF build. After much consideration I put the 240 at the top bringing air in to the case and a 140 rad at the bottom bringing air in. The 140 fan at the back is my only exhaust, positive pressure rules ok. I was considering putting the 140 rad at the back but this would still be the exhaust and would be pulling in warm air from the 240 rad at the top. Decided on the new Monsoon compression fittings as they look sweet, but boy were they a pain in the a** to tighten around the 3/4 OD Black PrimoFlex tube.

Temps on GPU at full load are 48C down from 79C on air and overclocks on the 7970 are 1270mhz x 1750mhz, the cpu is running at 4.9Ghz (intel core i5 2500k) and is hitting around 62c full load (intel burn test) and 54C during gaming.

Shelved my 1850 rpm Scythe GT's as I wanted a little more bling for this build, so swapped out the CM case fans and rad fans for the new Bitfenix Spectre Pro fans with white LED. These fans promise good static pressure at low rpm, and they certainly work as well at 1200rpm as my Scythe GT's at same rpm...

Case stripped out and ready to work on.

Another stripped out view

Bitfenix Spectre Pro Fans

Fans installed and 140mm Magicool rad's initial position in case.

Watercooled loop in place and leak tested

System wired up and ready to go, notice slight bend in gpu due to pressure from tuning, I have fibreglass rod supporting this in finished build.

Closer view of the Monsoon compression fittings.

Monsoon Compression fittings again and Swiftech Apogee HD waterblock

Case closed up and ready to boot.
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