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Project G5 PC - by Canadian Falcon

Postby KitKatBar on Mon Nov 20, 2006 4:50 pm

Project name : Project G5 PC

Project Theme : LAN Party Case

Cooler Master Products :
2x CM Neon Red 80mm Case Fan’s 80mm Red Case Fan
2x CM Black 80mm Case Fan’s 80mm case fan
1x CM Northbridge cooler PAC-PO1-UB Northbridge Cooler

the first half of the worklog is hosted on ... ge=2&pp=10

This project started with a MAC G5 Case

I immediately started ripping it apart, Since I wanted a window in my case, the first thing I did was start cutting out the side panel’s new porthole
This Was met with a lot of broken Dremel bits, but I persisted, and was eventually left with this

Rather impressed with my window I then turned to the top. Seeing that I wanted to put a handle of my own on top, I pulled out my Die grinder and removed the top handles that originally came on the case.

I then Started to cut out my original idea for the top, it was going to be this ... llecg2.jpg

Unfortunately the Plexiglas wasn’t quite strong enough and broke in a couple of places, so I went to my backup plan, carving my falcon logo right out of the case. Good idea, bad application, again back to the dremel, and ruining cutting discs

I then sanded it, and made it look a little nicer. Then I moved on to the handle.

The foam went pretty well, and it didn’t quite turn out the way I had wanted, but it went alright.
Then came fibre glassing.

Which went well, I got my handle done as well as the door. I then painted the Front door for the case. ... ingxc8.jpg

One of the few things I’m overly happy with. The Door came out almost exactly like my drawing. I then moved on to painting the top falcon

You can see the nice red glow from the 2 cooler master neon red case fans in this picture. (little blurry) ... lowty7.jpg

I then attached the front door, and was done, you can see a little bit of the red glow on the bottom of my hand

Just for note, although it’s a little hard to see the sign on the bottom says “2006 Cooler master case mod contest --- Project G5 Dorian Oâ€
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